Hello! My name is Philip Isaacs and I'm a Web Developer specializing in Front-End technologies. In my career I've work extensively with Flash and ActionScript as well as PHP and MySQL. These days I'm a full time Software Engineer working with HTML5, CSS3 and ES6. The links on this page represent a sample of some of the projects I've worked over the past few years.

Lego Ninjago Prototype

Animation Demo

Max Klinger's Brahmsphantasie

Interactive Gallery Kiosk

Perspectives on Cancer

Flash Based Simulation

Billboard PDN Promotion

Custom Flash Based Components


Conn. Sports Website

Newsroom Equipment Monitor

Newsroom Tracking Tool

Fusco.com Website

Commercial Website

Wesleyan Athletics Hall of Fame

Touch Screen Kiosk

News8 Kiosk

Web Based Display

Internal Department Website

Resources for Newsroom